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Frequently Asked Questions

Our office Telehealth appointments hours are daily from 9am to 11:45pm.

The office scheduler has Telehealth appointments set for every 15 minutes for each appointment time slot.

Video visits typically last around 10 to 15 minutes.

Virtual Urgent Care visits are just $35, payable with a credit card. Alternatively, you can also use your insurance by selecting one of the listed options at the start of your visit and entering your information. If you are using insurance, you may be responsible for any associated copays or deductibles (if applicable). Note: labs, tests or prescriptions ordered are not included in the cost of your visit.

Follow the link sent to you after your booking to pay for your visit and exit after. You will use the same link to connect with the provider at your appointment time.

You can join by clicking on the appointment confirmation link sent to your text line or email. If you are a patient who has activated their patient portal, you can join your video appointment from your portal. Under your appointments tab, you will see all upcoming booked appointments and you can click on the “join call” on the next upcoming appointment on the appointment date and time.

You can call the office for assistance with rescheduling or assistance with appointment cancellations.

The fastest and most recommended way to schedule an appointment is to self-schedule online through the “book online” button. It typically takes about 2-5 minutes to book the appointment. You can book as a new patient or as an existing patient if you have been seen by any of our clinic providers before. To self-schedule your appointment, click on the BOOK ONLINE button on our website or you may click on the link below and follow the steps as prompted. You may click on the link below to be directed to the booking page.

1.) If you are a new patient, select the new patient tab and follow the prompts below.

  • Select reason for visit (select the option in the drop down, most applicable to the reason for your appointment). This can be edited internally.
  • Enter birth date
  • Enter a summary or the reason or narrative for the visit. A phrase or sentence or a short narrative paragraph is typically OK in this box; you will have the opportunity to go in depth as needed during your consultation with the Provider. E.g., “I have a cough”, “sore throat”, “UTI symptoms”, “eye drainage”, “1-month refill”, “3-months refill”, “follow up appointment”. You can elaborate if/as indicated. If multiple reasons for visit, indicated in the reason box.
  • Click on view available times and select your desired times slot under the desired calendar date.
  • Select Insurance and upload card if you are insured, you may enter insurance numbers in summary box if you don’t have your card image at hand. You may also email your cards (Insurance / ID Cards) to if you experience any delay with Uploading your card during the booking process.
    NOTE: You will still be able to finalize your booking and secure your Apt sport if unable to upload your cards, you can simply enter the ID number and group number in the visit reason box and proceed with your booking.
  • Next, select your preferred provider or you can leave this box black if any available provider is OK.
  • Next, Select your state on residence
  • Next, scroll down and confirm the appointment. You may add additional appointment time slots as indicated if you have multiple issues to discuss with the provider.
  • Proceed to enter your demographic info and upload your ID card and Insurance card if applicable. You can email a picture of your card to if unable to upload during your appointment booking time. You will still be able to book an appointment time slot if you do not have your ID or insurance card at hand at the time of booking.
    You will get a confirmation link for your booking shortly after booking your appointment.
  • The link you get is the link to connect on the video appointment as well as the payment link. You can access your appointment link from the link sent to your text line or email.

You can also access your appointment link from your patient portal.

To assess / activate your patient portal account, you can return to the website home page and click on “existing patient” log in, then click on “forgot password”. Follow the reset link sent to your email to make a password. You will be able to use this password with the email you entered during your booking to log in to your account moving forward.

2.) If you are an existing patient, select the existing patient tab and follow the prompts.

  • Log in to your account and click on “request an appointment” within your patient portal to Book a visit. Log in to your account using your username and password.
  • If you are an existing patient and have never accessed your patient portal with the Practice or you do not remember your log in credentials, click on the “forgot password” option. A rest link will be sent to your email on file. You can follow the link to reset your password.
  • If you are an existing patient and don’t remember the email we have on your profile, or no longer have access to the email you had on your profile, call the office at 832-810-4615 and your account email will be updated, and you may return to reset password option and follow the link to create a new password for your account.
  • When in your patient portal, click on “request an appointment” and you will be directed to the Provider’s appointment availability.
    Select your desired appointments time slot on the desired calendar date and scroll down to the bottom of your device to finalize the booking.
  • You may add additional appointment time slots as indicated if you have multiple issues to discuss with the provider.
  • If you have a new insurance card info to share with the office, you can upload the card from your patient portal. You can email a picture of your card to if unable to upload from your Patient portal.
    You will get a confirmation link for your booking shortly after booking your appointment.
    The link you get is the link to connect on the video appointment as well as the payment link.
  • If your visit indicates you need to complete some patient consent or intake forms, you will get notification of forms available in your patient portal to complete. Typically takes about 3-5 mins to complete our patient consent and intake forms.

Our providers can order needed labs and send the lab order form to your email. You can get ordered labs done at any LabCorp facility in your area. You will then be advised to schedule a follow up appointment to review your lab results. Results are typically available within 2-3 days of when you have your lab draw done at your local LabCorp facility. So, you may go ahead and book a visit about 3-5 days out from the date you had your braw drawn, with reason “lab discussion.” You may call the office to confirm if your labs have been received if you would like confirmation of lab result availability before booking your lab discussion visit.

Your labs can be entered to bill your insurance on file, if you have insurance or set to bill our practice and you pay our practice the discounted lab fee. You may choose to have the lab order entered to bill you “the patient” directly although we do not recommend this as this typically more costly for the self-paying patient, compared to the option to pay the practice the discounted fee and have the lab billed to the practice.

Are providers treat a wide range of conditions; both acute and chronic. Common acute conditions treated include but not limited to, cough, sore throat, ear infections, sinusitis, pink eye, eye infections, oral sores, nausea/vomiting, vaginal yeast, flu, covid-19, tooth infections, herpes breakouts, animal or insect bites, stomach infections, food poisoning, poison ivy, asthma flares up, etc. Common chronic conditions treated include, anxiety, depression, mood disorders, ADHD, High cholesterol, acid reflux, IBS, Constipation/Diarrhea, migraine headaches, medication managements, prescription refills, contraception management, acne, skin conditions, hormone eval, weight management, etc. You may call our office for clarifications as needed.

You can book an appointment within 30 minutes of an available time slot. We allow for same day appointment bookings.

Call the office, our office staff typically work with patients to get patients seen at an earlier appointment time as advised. Patient are typically seen within 30mins if the patient indicates that they will like to be seen as soon as possible.

Yes, we see children for sick visits, ages 2 years old and over. We do not take upon the role of the Routine Pediatrician for our Pediatric patients. We only see pediatrics for sick visits.

Call the office, our office staff typically work with patients to accommodate appointment time adjustments as advised.

Most of our office routine Telehealth cash pay fee schedules are $35 per appointment. Most insurances cover for Telehealth appointments at 100% or with an associated copay which may be lower than our flat rate self-pay fee schedule of $35/visit. We encourage you to upload your insurance card during your appointment booking or enter your insurance card info in your visit reason box or email the card to if you are having trouble uploading the card during your booking process. Your insurance benefit will be verified, and you will be advised of your coverage. You have the option to opt to receive service via self-pay or the option to use your insurance.
We are in network with BCBS, Cigna, Aetna, Humana. If you have a different insurance, other than these, you will have to receive service on a self-pay financial responsibility. Be advised that you cannot submit for reimbursement for services received from our practice if our practice or the rendering clinic provider is not in network with your insurance carrier.

For in person appointments, we specialize in hormone therapy, weight loss and wellness. All sick visits and chronic disease management services are offered online. Patients that prefer an in-person appointment for any condition other than hormone therapy and weight loss are advised to follow up with their in-person PCP.

A provider will evaluate your symptoms and recommend the best treatment for your condition, as indicated. This may include a prescription if necessary.

Although most of our Telehealth appointments are set at $35 per visit, some visit types have unique visit fee schedules. Some of our office services that have different appointment fee schedules include phentermine, Semaglutides, Tirzepatde, HGH peptides, Testosterone therapy, Routine lab order bundles, to name a few. You can call our office to inquire for a specific service fee not listed here.

For our routine telehealth appointments, patients are advised to book a 15-minute appointment time slot for each specific issue as our providers are unable to efficiently address multiple patient concerns in a single 15-minute time frame. Although some issues can be addressed together in one 15-minute appointment time slot, not all issues can be addressed together in a 15-minute appointment time slot. An example of issues that can be discussed in a single 15-minute appointment time slot is a patient booking a sick visit to discuss a complaint of cough, ear pain, sore throat, sinus congestion, along with purulent eye discharge. These are commonly grouped under an upper respiratory infection sick visit.
Sick visits are separated by body systems. Patient having symptoms related to respiratory system, gastrointestinal system, urogenital system, and the integumental (skin) systems are advised to book these visits in different appointment time slots. This can be done on the same day with multiple 15-minute appointment time slots as indicated by their need, booked together or the patient can prioritize and schedule to have these issues addressed during different appointment time slots on different calendar dates.
Patients are advised that each 15-minute appointment time slot requires a $35 appointment fee schedule. Our office sometimes has a discount for patients who have multiple issues to discuss with our providers. These discounts vary during different times of the year. Patients are advised to contact our office at 832-810-4615 to inquire about current office promotions.

Unfortunately, if you are needing to schedule a follow up appointment for medication management and have an acute illness needing evaluation during that time frame, you are advised to book for a double time slot as this will be considered two separate issues and will generate the allocated $35 fees multiplied by 2 ($70). Our fee schedules are set comparatively lower than the average fee schedules. We are only able to accommodate this and keep our practice functional with our current billing protocol and model.

The best way to determine this is to categorize the issues under the categories of ACUTE/SICK VISIT or CHRONIC DISEASE MANAGMENT. Then further, under the main ACUTE and CHRONIC issues categories, separate the issues under different body systems.

For ACUTE illness category, examples of common concerns we treat are, cute cough, sore throat, ear infections, sinusitis, pink eye, eye infections, oral sores, nausea/vomiting, vaginal yeast, flu, covid-19, tooth infections, herpes breakouts, animal or insect bites, stomach infections, food poisoning, poison ivy, asthma flares up, etc. (commonly categorized under sick visits… individually). These can be separated by grouping them under skin, GI, Respiratory, genitourinary systems respectively.

For the CHRONIC illness category, the appointments can be separated different body systems like Psychiatry conditions (anxiety, depression, insomnia, panic attacks, PTSD,OCD, mood disorders, etc.), OBGYN issues (birth control managements), Endocrinology (hormone evaluation/treatment), Weight management (phentermine, Semaglutides, Tirzepatde, HGH peptides), Common PCP related issues (High blood pressure, cholesterol, uncomplicated GI Issues, thyroid, etc), neurology issues (migraine headaches, seizures, bells palsy), respiratory issues (asthma, allergies), or chronic dermatology issues ( acne, eczema, scalp fungal infections, toe nail fungus, hair loss, rashes,).

Generally, if your visit requires refill or management of more than 4 routine meds, your visit may need to be grouped in two appointments or two categories. Call the office to clarify.

Unfortunately, the max duration refills our providers write out are 3 months max. patients will have to see our providers routinely for a few months and become established are regular and patients, as well as be stable on their medical plan therapy to be considered for 3months refill orders. We also advise that our 3 months refill visit fee schedule are set at a different fee schedule. The fee schedule is not triple our routine month fee schedule of $35, it is however not set as the routine $35 fee schedule. You may contact the office for the discounted 3-month refill appointment fee charge.

You may contact the office for the discounted 3-month refill appointment fee charge.

Our practice is not a PCP practice. We offer treatments for conditions commonly managed in primary care. Our Telehealth platform provider affordable and assessable medical care for patients who do not have an in-person PCP but we do not replace the role of an in person PCP. We encourage patients to establish and maintain a relationship with an in-person PCP as we are limited to what services we can offer via telehealth. Our in-person clinic specializes in hormones therapy, weight loss and wellness.

Our providers are limited in their prescriptive practices for narcotics or controlled substances. We do not prescribe Adderall, Focalin, Ritalin, Vyvanse, Xanax, Lorazepam, Clonazepam, etc.

We do not aid with disability application processes or FMLA applications. We do not offer services for workman’s comp or MVA accident paperwork. We do not provide specific excuse paperwork for Jury Duty. You may request your medical records as needed to assist with any needed application processes.

We provide a generic visit excuse note that indicates you were seen for medical evaluation on the date of your consultation with our providers. Please note that the only date put on this note is the date of your consultation. We do not put back dates or future dates on this document. Because everyone’s recovery process is unique to their body’s metabolic processes, excuse notes issued by our providers generally indicate that patients resume routine activities (work or school) “when well” or “when symptoms resolve”. If a patient’s job requires a document to indicate a specific date to return, the patient may schedule for a “clearance to return to work visit. During this consultation, the provider will evaluate your work responsibilities and issue you a clearance to return to work “with no restrictions” if indicated by their evaluation. If the provider assesses that returning to work is unsafe to the patient or to other coworkers, or if the patient indicates needing a “return to work note with a restriction clause”, the patient will be advised of the need to get a physical evaluation within person service clinician to be issued a return to work with the indicated restriction clause. Our patients are advised our in-person services are limited to testosterone replacement services and weight loss.

We offer treatment options for at home or in office testosterone injection therapy. Call our office at 832-810-4615 for more information.

We offer treatment options for weight loss injections like Semaglutides, Tirzapetide, as well as vitamin injections and oral pills for weight loss. Call our office at 832-810-4615 for more information.